A Brand New Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Comic Series

Comic writer Alan Holloway and Artist Ed Doyle were chatting about the much missed Starblazer comics. They were like Commando comics, as in 64 page, black & white, digest size single stories, but aimed at science fiction fans. As they have worked together on several projects (including the weekly "The Whole Twoth" strip) they decided that creating a similar comic would be fun, and out of that SENTINEL was born

Sentinel #6
Published by Sentinel Publishing

Bad Kitty is a fun story and we're honoured to welcome renowned artist Morgan Gleave to the fold.

In addition, we have borrowed some design aspects from the band Cats In Space, who are AMAZING.

It's a fun caper where a rich dog needs protection from a cat who's knocking off his brothers one by one for the way they treated him as a kitten adopted into their family. Carlos Harrison is the master thief dragged in the middle, hoping for a cool payoff if he can only keep his client, Rover, alive.

Sentinel #7
Published by Sentinel Publishing

Hell on Harry Hewson

After the rousing success of our sixth issue, the silly and stupendous "Bad Kitty", we're bringing back the stars of our very first issue, space couriers Doyle Braddock and RHLSTP. Issue one was such a hit and we loved doing it, so another rousing buddy action comedy was just asking to be made.

This time round, they guys have got their customer rating up to four stars - life is sweet! A simple job on Harry Howson's World turns out to be anything but, though. When their ship is swallowed by the planet (hey, these things happen!) they have to venture into the underworld (sounds safe, huh?) and battle all sorts of monsters from Greek legend

Sentinel #8
Published by Sentinel Publishing

Superheroes are old hat, right? If we're honest, it's incredibly hard to do anything new in the genre. "To Be A Hero" is our best attempt to take superheroes and take them on a fun, action packed path you really wouldn't expect.

We haven't tried to reinvent anything, but we have produced something we're pretty confident you won't have seen before. It WILL be fun, fast paced and will make you want to read it again straight away. We could describe the story in detail, but it would be impossible without spoiling the narrative, so it's a secret, a secret that plays out over SIXTY FOUR glorious pages. 

By Alan Holloway and Andrew Richmond. Available as a variant cover by Mike Collins