The77 a new retro comic anthology - published quarterly


A love letter to the comics that made us.


This spring over 400 people backed the Kickstarter campaign for the project which includes strips by British industry veterans such as former Tharg, Steve MacManus and a back cover poster by “The Ballad of Halo Jones” co-creator Ian Gibson promoting his “Lifeboat” story, alongside established independent talents such as Mal Earl and Phil Elliott, and a host of terrific rising comic stars.


The77 publishing team are BenKsy, Steve Bull, Dave Bedford, Dave Heeley, Paul McCollum and Jo Heeley.

The77 #1
Published by The77 Publishing

A new retro comic anthology - a love letter to the comics that made us.

Temporal Anarchy Dark myths set in 1977, brought to you by Philthy Luka - by Alan Holloway, Neil Sims and Bolt-01 

Tinkling Triangles Featuring planet Earth's sonorous superstar family - by Steve MacManus, Brendon Wright and Fillipo Roncone

The Prodigal Enslaved for three centuries by the Dark Fae, mankind awaits their liberator – by Mal Earl

V In the future they'll fight to become history – by Steve Bull, Ade Hughes and Annie Parkhouse

TechnoFreak Criminals, robots and Maurice the cat – by Joe Assi, John Charles, Tom Newell and Nikki Foxrobot

Division77 Fighting to save humanity, again! - by Dave Heeley, Sinclair Elliot, Fillipo Roncone and Bolt-01

The Screaming Hand! Trapped in a web of para-anatomical terror by Kek-W, Conor Boyle and Annie Parkhouse

The Last Man Brexit in space with killer robots – by Michael Powell and Phil Elliot

ROK! The God by John Wagner, Alan Grant and Dan Cornwell

Have Blaster, Will Travel 'When The Stranger hits town, it stays hit!' - by Paul McCollum and Ed Doyle

Penny Pentagram London's Grooviest Occult Detective - David Thomas and Jonny Roydon

Angel - by Baden James Mellonie, Steve Austin and Bolt-01

Edge of Extinction by Baden James Mellonie and artwork by Ryan Brown.

Key Runners Secret agents fighting organised crime and government corruption - by Drew Marr

Boss Yeehaw! He rides a robot horse and rounds up varmints – by Marc Jackson

Tempered Curse 1312AD: the last days of the Knights Templar - by Dave Bedford and Morgan Gleave

ComicScene magazine by Tony Foster


SGT. SHOUTY of the Moon Force In space everyone can hear you shout! - Lew Stringer

Thank you to the Kickstarter backers

Lifeboat - Back cover by Ian Gibson